Thursday, 26 July 2012

At Bangalore

This time round, my trip to Bangalore, was quite sober.  Except for catching up with a good friend, there was nothing very exciting or challenging.  Perhaps it was meant to be just that one good at a time!  The seminar on Brotherhood was ... OK. The participants were quite fed up with the already conducted courses and were in no mood for more.  Furthermore, it was such a diverse group that there was hardly anything in common between any two of them.  One did not know English at all, another couple of them were so silent all through that one would have easily misunderstood them as dumb;  another was sarcastic of anything and everything;  another was always under the impression that a couple of the other companions were ought to put him down and hence was always on the offensive;  a couple of the rest were so involved that they only heard what they wanted to hear... and both, heard different things.  Anyway, it is over for now.  

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