Sunday, 29 July 2012

Writing a review

I got the Brothers to write a review of a telugu movie I screened for them on Friday.  Rather than just leave it to their imagination what a 'review' meant, I framed five questions and asked them to answer them. Surprisingly most of them fail to see things as they appear even there (on screen)... leave alone perceive the reality behind the screen-image.  Simple things as the real theme of the movie, most important scene/dialogue, central characters of the movie and their significant dialogues are some of the things I tried to elicit.  Some misfired ... miles away!  Anyway, here's one line (dialogue) written by one of the students which I really cannot but share:
Love does not take ears (years) but it takes birth in friction (fraction) of second!  (The words in brackets are those he intended to mean!)

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