Saturday, 7 July 2012

The lost or those about to lose

In the gospel we have the parable of the lost sheep.  The shepherd going after the lost sheep leaving behind the 99.  Well it makes a lot of sense and does convey the concern of the shepherd for all his sheep.  But what guarantee that when he goes out to search for the one lost, the other ninety nine are going to be just there waiting for him to return?  What if another one or a couple more decide to take a walk or explore the surrounding and subsequently get lost?

I'm not one competent to answer all those questions.  However I face a more or less similar dilemma now. I stand to risk losing some if I am to take care of one; but if I turn my back on this particular one, it sure is lost for good.  I therefore, turn to The Shepherd to show me the way and be my strength.  

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