Wednesday, 21 December 2016


One surprising feature of the English homes is that there is no overhead water tank on any of the houses!  How then does each household receive water?

Well a rather simple explanation is offered here. Basically it is the same process as in most places of the world: from the natural or man-made resources to the treatment plant through pipes, from there to storage tanks and from there to homes. However, the process of treatment is rather good. So much so, that one can drink water from any tap in the house.  There need not be another water purifier installed to purify water because it is already done.

However, that does not explain the force with which water flows from the taps, even if on an upper floor.  Given the fact that there are no overhead tanks anywhere around the place where I live, how does water get such a force, unless pumped from below the ground? I did some research and found out that there are pumps with pressure gauges that regulate the pressure.  Most modern water heating systems have this possibility. Read it here.

This presupposes two things: there is plenty of water available and what is available and used is also recycled with proper treatment.  That's worth emulating. 

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