Wednesday, 28 December 2016

St Peter's, Hascombe

The last church we visited was St Peter's, Hascombe. It has a nice lake in front of it. There is a cute 'tunnel entrance' to the compound made of conifers, I think. This one too has coloured stained glass as in St Nicholas, Compton.  The sanctuary of this one is really decorated well.

 The central heating of this place is along the aisle. That's the first of its kind that I've seen.

(Unfortunately in all these places, the lighting is very low. In general too, the English are allergic to bright lights, I think!  Fr Maliekal would certainly not like this aspect, I'm sure!)

In all these places, you really feel you're entering some old antique place. You tread tenderly for fear that some part of it may fall away, if you are not careful. But these things are all sturdy. Much more than modern architecture creations.  

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