Thursday, 1 December 2016

Hand writing on the wall

Fr Marco was sharing with us at table this evening how, years ago, as a child, he was a bit frightened about the illustration in the Children's Bible of the passage regarding just the hand writing on the wall (Daniel 5). He was always a bit anxious if he'd accidentally open that particular page and somehow that image terrified him.

A couple of years ago, while clearing up an office, he came across a copy of the same Children's Bible edition and his first thoughts were of that illustration. This time of course, he was not frightened. Wanting to share his experience with his students, he narrated the Biblical passage in his Religious Education class. However, prior to showing them that illustration he 'warned' them that the image could be disturbing.  He then held it up for all to see.  Everyone had a good look of the image and luckily no one fell sick or terrified.

Only towards the end of the class, some of his students asked, "Fr Marco you said you'd show us the frightening picture. But you didn't!"

Call that Biblical familiarity or movie horror familiarity! 

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