Friday, 9 December 2016

As teacher, again!

For the first time I entered a classroom in the UK, at our own Salesian School here at Highfield Road site, Chertsey.  I had volunteered to help out with the Religious Education (RE) classes some time ago and prior to handling classes all by myself - if permitted - I wanted to see how teachers here handle classes.  So it was today that I sat with Year 13 students.  Mr Dave Legrand, the head of RE, was taking a class on 'Mysticism'.

The stuff that the were introduced to was something on par with the philosophy classes back in my Province - that too for Clerics!!  What surprised me more was the comfort and confidence level of students to respond to the class, either by way of supplementing with ideas or challenging proposed ideas.  Most of them were very much involved.

Another feature of the class was that it comprised only of a dozen students.  And that I was told is 'quite a number'! Then I wonder what they'd say if they see a classroom back in India!

I really look forward to interacting with them in the classroom. Hope, I'll get more opportunities. It was great to be a teacher again (though partially), even though it was only for an hour. 

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