Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Odd speed breakers

Here in England, some of the speed breakers are not all along the road. They are like square blocks of elevated road, two on each side. They look and feel odd, but I suppose do the same work of slowing traffic down.  Luckily they are all marked in white.

One good thing about the road system here: every bit is marked.  Where one should go, which turn to take, where not to go, where to stop and where not to... all of it and much more is marked out. As I prepare myself for taking the theory test, I realize there are more rules than one can actually remember!  But I suppose they would not be in place if not for ensuring safety of everyone on the road.

Last point: No charity on the road. Wait for professional help to arrive.  That seems to be the mantra in case of any accident. One is not expected to carry out evacuation or relief work as a civilian. No moving of injured people. No helping people out of an accident vehicle.  No jumping in the river in case someone is drowning (call for help).

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