Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas tableau by children

Am just back after attending a Children's Christmas Tableau.  It was put up by the year 3 students (aged 7-8) of St Anne's School, Chertsey (the school once upon a time was run by the Salesian Sisters, but is today under the diocesan management). The tableau was lovely, especially the singing of the children. They must have sung about 10-12 songs and all of them were by memory!  Out of the 60 children involved hardly 4 or 5 of them had the lyrics. But everyone sang all the songs in full voice!  That surely must have taken some practice.

Children, as expected, were thrilled and excited. But the excitement on the parents faces was worth watching.  Oh, boy! Parents hardly took their eyes off their children and every time they turned around to sing, their eyes lit up.  The excitement of the parents was equally reflected in the eyes of the children who in turn sang in the direction their parents were seated or standing.  A mother standing in front of me would wave to her son, everytime he turned round to sing.  She hardly stood still!  It was as if she had won a bumper lottery, such was her exuberance!

Didn't know which direction baby Jesus was looking in, though!  

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