Saturday, 17 December 2016

Battersea Park

The last two days I was away in London city. I stayed at our Salesian community in Battersea and did quite a bit of walking around the place.  One whole afternoon I spent exploring the Battersea park which is huge!

Something that stands out of all public places in London is the neatness and the freshness of each place. Though such a huge place, the park had no sweepers or maintenance personnel running from corner to corner - at least I didn't see any.

At every opportunity I got, I'd slow down or sit to watch kids.  Reminded me very much of Chris and Anet. Besides, it's entertainment guaranteed.

 Being Christmas season, there was this large sale of Christmas trees. I walked into the plot and was amazed to see the variety of pine trees on sale.  More specially the way they were packed for transportation. I clicked a picture of the process (see below): the lower end of the tree put through a sort of funnel, at the end of which is a netted synthetic mesh which keeps the whole tree tight and compact.  I'm sure the guy doing the job must have thought I'm taking a pic of him in the kilts!.
 Then there is the really large structure of Buddhist tradition in the park. Built beautifully it is quite a treat to the eye (and the soul).

A view of the Battersea bridge from the park
 A view of the Thames from the Park.

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