Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Pelli Choopulu

Last night watched the telugu movie Pelli Choopulu directed by Tharun Bascker (his debut directorial venture).  A nice movie about matchmaking in the Telugu context.  No celebrities. No big banners. No mega budget. No action dhamaka. Just plain 'slice of life'.  Of course, targeted for an upscale urban market. Nonetheless, decently portrayed and very realistically presented. It also challenges some of the superstitions and traditional values that have stereotyped men and women into certain moulds and roles.  

I'd heard of this movie long time ago when it was released.  There was no big release or publicity done. It was basically through social media that this movie was announced and advertised. Good creative youtube snippets.  

A perfect mix of what media can (be made to) do and be: value-based, cheap, highly creative, offer opportunities to enthusiastic talent, humourous, new avenues of advertising on existing free platforms...

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