Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Being prophets is often considered a risky job, a challenge even to the most honest of persons.  Though prophecy is different from foretelling the future, somehow we have this image embedded in our consciousness that it related to the future.  Prophecy is actually about today!  It is not foretelling what will happen tomorrow.

I came across a very honest and revealing talk by a Franciscan General, Michael Anthony Perry, during the recently held meeting of the Superior Generals of Congregations in Rome.  Normally everyone, especially leaders and superiors, love to boast of their achievements. But here was one who was willing to share the shame and scandal and lay bare the rot within, so that others may do better and avoid the traps of modern religious life.  Here's a except of that talk, in connection with prophecy (originally found in the writings of John Paul II).
Prophecy is oftentimes presented as the promotion of futuristic visions about a world that has not yet been imagined. However, in actual truth, Biblical prophecy is primarily about examining actual historical conditions in the light of a set of values and a spiritual vision that is trans-historical. (cf. Saint John Paul II Pacem in terris: A Permanent Committment. Message for the Celebration of the XXXVI World Day of Peace, 1/01/2003).  

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