Wednesday, 28 December 2016

St Nicholas Church, Compton

Fr John invited me to join him if I was interested in visiting some old churches in Surrey. I gladly went along. We visited three churches. The first one was that of St Nicholas in Compton.  It is a small village. Not very many houses but looked nice.  Learnt something also of the whole system of villages in early England... Lord of the manor and all that stuff.
 Interestingly this is one of the few churches (of England) which has an altar above the altar!! Earlier it was a gallery, perhaps for the musicians or singers... but right above the altar.
These plants are common in the cemetries and churches around. The prime reason: they were part of the anglo-saxon tradition and the wood was used for several purposes. Besides, the cattle would not eat the leaves of these bushes.  

Most of the old churches have the cemetry around the church itself. 

The war memorial just at the entrance of the Church.  
One thing I've begun to notice: in practically all the churches there is a sort of creche in some part of the church. Meant for keeping children busy during the service I guess is the purpose of these places.  There are some Biblical comic books, some toys and all that stuff in these places.
The grand pulpit of the Church

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