Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Lebanese meal

Last night, Fr Gerry, the Parish priest at Battersea invited me to join a meal at a Lebanese hotel in the famous Oxford Street of London. He was taking the catechists of the two churches of Sacred Heart and Our Lady for a meal out. So I joined him and the three clerics at Battersea, Joe, Greg and Ste.  The meal was long, of course most of the was talking and the travelling to reach there! But I really liked it all.

The meal itself was lovely. Ate some cooked spicy food for the first time after coming to England! The staff was very cordial and efficient.  Of course, after hearing that of the three floors, the basement also offered live music and belly dancers, Joe would have preferred to have been eating there.  There was a good amount of food for starters and then the non-veg meal itself.  The English were particularly amused at the way the dishes were served: in small bowls.

Most of all, I loved the company of the Brothers and, the catechists. Got to meet and interact with atleast four of them (Roxy, Diane, Hugo and Sherley) for more than two hours.  

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