Friday, 9 December 2016

Carry on doing good

The Gospel of the day speaks of Jesus condemning the critics for accusing John the Baptist to be possessed by a demon because he fasted and did not drink.  And himself to be glutton and a drunkard. Just goes on to show that people, no matter what you do or say - or don't - will have an opinion.

Fr Marco during his homily spoke of a commentator at the Wimbledon women's final in 1961.  That the was the last time two British women were competing for the title and the commentator was trying to be fair to both, praising and criticizing them equally.  However, after the day he received 34 letters from his listeners.  17 of them saying that he was partial to one and the other 17 accusing him of being partial to the other.

Moral: As Jesus says, let your good deeds speak for themselves.
And what if good deeds themselves are the cause of dispute, follow Mother Teresa's advice: Carry on doing good!

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