Saturday, 17 December 2016

Kids on a leash

One of the bizarre things that I witnessed first time was while at the Natural History Museum. It certainly was not about the artifacts displayed there but about those visiting these artifacts. I'd seen people walking their dogs on leash.  Very rarely did I find any dog walking beside their owner free, without a leash.  Imagine my shock when I saw a small boy, aged 6, on a similar leash!!  I was appalled.  The boy was really a restless bundle of energy and would not stop running and jumping. It was a treat to see him ... but on a leash!!??  I thought this was a one-of-a-kind parent who had a hard time keeping up with the kid. But as the day progressed, I saw a couple of other kids too, on a leash! Though not as hyper as the first one, they were really lively. I figured it must be to get them from getting lost in the crowd of the place.  But still, on a leash?

I wanted to click a pic of these but then desisted feeling sensitive (the one below is from the net).

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