Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Pets in the West

I'm not a dog-whisperer or cat-scanner but from what I have seen, I'm sure if any pets from Asia were to witness, they'd prefer to be back in Asia than in the West - save those who come from places where dogs and cats are the staple diet!

Dogs - not so much the cats - are always indoors.  When outdoors, they are on a leash.  Now I know that not very many houses are large enough for a dog to really run around sufficiently. Then there is some sort of permit that owners need to have. Then there is a whole chart which lists the vaccination that the dog needs to be administered and which is so meticulously monitored that not even the best of human patients in India would have privilege to! So going by the freedom of movement, I think dogs would certainly prefer Asia to the West.

On the other hand, dogs get to live indoors here. While most dogs in Asia are to manage outdoors. I suppose the climate has a great say in this.  And in a sense, dogs are looked after more humanely here.

But the best part: humans here have to collect the dog litter!!  In Asia, neither dog nor the owner bothers - it only bothers others who land on/in it!

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