Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Sunday morning

"Sunday morning" is the name of all good tidings for my 3 year old niece, Anet.  All good things, happy moments are 'Sunday morning' for her. It is enough to merely say that we'd go to such and such a place on Sunday morning and she is ready.  It is her most auspicious time.  To postpone her mischief or her demand to another time, it suffices to assure her that we'd see to it on 'Sunday morning' and she is 'OK' with it. Instantly!

I remember when we were small, Sundays were typical holidays. Days of rest and relaxation.  Watch TV the previous night (The sword of Tipu Sultan, is one serial we loved to watch).  Sleep longer. Wake up just in time for Mass in the Church. Invariably reach late to Church.  Do some shopping for the week (including vegetables and meat for the day). Reach back home put on the TV and relax.  Have a relaxed late lunch. Then have a good siesta. Wake up and watch the Sunday evening movie on Doordarshan (that was the only channel available).  Have supper and sleep off to wake up to a usually grumpy Monday morning!  Sunday is the only day we'd all be together at home.  Rest of the days only for supper we'd be together, that too if Papa's work would not get delayed.  

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