Sunday, 11 December 2016

At Mass

During Mass today, just as the first reading was about to commence, all the small children of the Parish were 'invited' and led to the adjoining Savio centre. I did not really understand what was up and guessed they must be taken for some 'catechism lessons'.  They all promptly returned after the sermon.  Most of them had a self-coloured page depicting a scene from the Gospel of the day.  It is then that I understood that they were being 'saved' from the sermon of the priest for a lighter self-reflective activity.

Later during communion, I noticed children too come in line along with their parents (mostly with their grandparents).  But rather than receive communion they received a blessing. It was interesting to see them turn back, after having received the blessing and on their way back, to see if their sibling or friend is receiving the same blessing or anything different.  Funny but true!

But it hits me again and again: there are elders and little children for Mass, no teenagers or youngsters!! Wonder why really this absence. And is something being done about this conspicuous absence of a major population from the Church? 

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