Sunday, 11 December 2016

Free time!

It is already the third Sunday of Advent. Gosh, time is flying! Don't remember doing or accomplishing much, or anything at all, during the past two weeks since Advent began. Fear the remaining two weeks also will not be very different.

I already began my term break and the Spring term commences in Jan. So I have a full month at my disposal.  Have a couple of assignments to be submitted by then. Have something to read in preparation for the term lectures too. Plan also to see a bit of London in the coming week, the Historical museum for sure.  Initially had thought of joining a temporary job for this month. But then have decided against it. Mostly because there are none available in the vicinity and even if there are, they look for more consistent and longer period applicants.

So by the end of the day, will draw up a schedule for myself for the coming month.  Sounds strange!  For the first time, I have one full month for nothing!! Have always craved for some 'free' time and here I am with a month of it and it is more frightening than with my hands full and overflowing.  

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