Monday, 19 December 2016


There was this news titled 'Secret suppliers handed billions in foreign aid' in The Times of UK on December 19, 2016 under the News-Investigation section.

What caught my eye was the photo accompanying the article. I had just helped Katie, with the provisions in the kitchen and along with Fr Sean were discussing the amount of things people were buying this time of the year, in the name of Christmas.

From my stay here in the UK I've seen how very many are very particular about the date printed on the food packets as 'date before'!  That even if the product is a day old than the date printed, it is often thrown out, makes it difficult for me to digest.  While so many across the globe and even here in the UK itself, go hungry for lack of sufficient food, to thrown some food is a real crime, a sin.

The photo below from the news article says it all about hunger.  We can literally read it in their eyes. While we are so particular about which dish to serve and which plate to use at our table and in the kitchen, these people are desperate to get something in the container (some have bowls, some plates, one has a can, one a bucket and the man in the green shirt is using his shirt itself to gather some food).

We just cannot afford to waste food! We do not have that privilege, even if we are billionaires! Every morsel thrown is someone deprived of a whole meal for a day, not counting the labour and love of the ones who have worked (farmers, labourers, distributors, transporters...) for that morsel of food. 

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