Sunday, 6 August 2017

Flashes of radiance

Our relationship with those around is quite strange, especially with those we relate most and intimately.  Most often their presence and their role in our life is taken for granted.  It seems that it is normal or the way it is supposed to be.  However, when that person is no more present in our life then we begin to see the huge crater left in our life and we realize that what was 'normal' or 'usual' was not so.  It was because of the other person's presence and constant support.  Some are lucky to realize this in their lifetime and begin to value the other person more than before.  Not that the person is now exalted to the heavens but we then slowly get used to a higher level of relationship, at a deeper level. Soon even this becomes 'normal'.  That's how things work with us mortals.  And every once in a way there is a sudden glimmer of light and we see things differently.

Today is the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord.  The apostles were with Jesus all along, listening to his teachings and living with him.  However, the event on the mountain shows Jesus in a new light.  The apostles now see something more special in Jesus.  But soon even that 'special' becomes 'normal'.  Nothing bad or evil in it.  All that we can really hope and look forward to is those quick moments of insight.  Those flashes of radiance which transform all we ever know of those around us.... and they abound!

May we more willingly and often see the radiance of God shine through those around us.
Painting by Raphael

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