Sunday, 6 August 2017

Garden in bloom

Two shots of the Salesian Gardens in bloom.

The first and only gladiola... In the background are the numerous Clematis Princess Diana and in the basket hanging above are some pink Petunia flowers - I actually found a small stem of it on the pavement in Chertsey about two weeks ago!  I planted the stem and not only has it taken root, it has started flowering!

The Heartsease too has multiplied.  In the backdrop is the blue balloon flower and the pink flower is called the Himalayan Jasmine (which I'm sure is not the real name!).  But I'm glad for the 'unknown' plant/flower because when I first saw it, it was almost dead.  Even after replanting it and taking great care it never showed any sings of growth. Was stagnant!  Since it did not deteriorate, I was hopeful.  And now it has started to flower!  Great!
Am happy to see all the work in the garden bloom into such fantastic colours and lively plants.  But then I also realize that most of these are all growing by themselves.  I really didn't plant them, nor did I take any extra care.  So will gladly settle for being a co-creator than the master of the garden!  Photograph them? Yes, that's me!  

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