Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Hidden pitfalls of ministry

Moses as the leader of the Israelites, leading them from Egypt to the Promised land, is a typical pastor, the parish priest, the minister, the religious!  He feels called by the Lord, empowered by Him to take charge of the people, even though he is no better than any other of those who is being led by him, has his own cupboard full of skeletons and memories which he has to constantly battle, sandwiched between Yahweh and the people, at the receiving end of the people's ire and moaning... and of course, he is human.

However, he also typically suffers the same drawback that most of us priests and religious suffer from.  He feels the burden of being the leader.  He pleads Yahweh to let him go or let him die because he cannot take it anymore.  He feels crushed under the complaints of the people and feels that he has not done enough.  He thinks he has failed them.  He easily forgets that it is God who is in-charge.  He is called to lead the people, not to be their saviour.  Quite comfortably he gets into the saddle to think that he is the one who is to do everything and that if he didn't or couldn't, the whole work is going to fail.

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