Saturday, 17 December 2016

At a church

On my way to the Natural History Museum I was amazed at the long line of buildings.  I was told that they are all the houses of the richest in town.  They looked alike in every sense of the word.  If not for the numbers painted on the pillars they looked identical.

That's one thing I realized of England: most houses are similar looking.  I mean, they are more or less the same structure, height and design (the outdoors, and the facade in particular).  If not for the street names, one might easily get lost in England.

Well, amidst those long lanes of 'rich-buildings' I suddenly spotted on old one. It turned out to be a church!  Couldn't go in though.

As I returned home, I saw another very old looking church and walked it, since I saw the door open. I realized there was a rehearsal of a wedding going on. Nonetheless I sat there for sometime, watched the whole practice and the jovial instructions of the Anglican priest and then as I left the church prayed for the couple. It was the Chelsea Old Church, just near the Chelsea bridge, across the road beside the Thames. 

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