Monday, 6 June 2011

Administration and the Laity

Yesterday and today were two hectic days. With so many repair and maintenance works going on in the house, keeping tab on everyone is a bit difficult... that too when most of them just want to finish the work, somehow and disappear. Added to that there were the auditors for the annual auditing yesterday. Somehow there were not any serious objections or discrepancies that needed serious and immediate attention. Given all these matters, my conviction that administration is something that needs to be handed over to lay people gets strengthened. Sincere and dedicated people like Mr Amalnathan would be people who we could just hand over and focus on some more intense areas where we are supposed to specialise. Of course, the lay people may not follow the same style and mode as we, but certainly we do not profess to end up being mere administrators!

As I write these lines I must acknowledge that I'm still to reconcile myself to the fact that I cannot afford to bemoan the responsibilities entrusted to me. The temptation to earn pity and pour fuel into the fire sometimes gets the better of me!

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