Friday, 24 June 2011

On commitment

A couple of days ago Fr Antony Pudusserry presided over the Holy Eucharistic celebration and the readings for the day were centred on the theme of 'the covenant'. During his homily he enlightened us about an interesting fact about the ceremony of the covenant making in the Old Testament. The two parties entering into a covenant were supposed to cut a set of animals and birds into two equal halves, mount them on two stands and set them up on fire. Then both the parties entering into the covenant were to walk in between these cut pieces. This indicated the commitment and risk involved in forming a covenant. It meant that doing so gave the other the right to cut me into half, if I fail my part of the bond.

Now that truly calls for a total commitment and courage. I wonder how many would really step forward to enter into such a commitment if one were to replace the existing, ceremony of vows with this sort of practice.

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