Monday, 8 March 2010

Clearing the cobwebs

Healing of the mind and heart precedes the physical healing or achievement. This is proved once again by the incident in today's first reading from the book of the Kings (the passage of the healing of Naaman, the Syrian). Similarly it is said that victories and loses occur first in the mind, then in reality. The power of the mind and the heart to be able to rise above a situation is what ultimately decides the way the situation would be moulded by the presence (or absence) of the concerned individual. Had Naaman walked off, in scorn of the simple prescription of the Elisha (to bathe in Jordan) perhaps he would have died a leper. But his healing begins the moment he consents and agrees to bathe. He had his priorities and ideas clear about the supremacy of Syria over Israel and he never doubted that. He had to let go off that to earn what he came for.

It is always good to clear the mind of the cobwebs of prejudice, the heart of the mire of malice and the soul of the pride of independence prior to undertaking a new venture or embarking on a mission.

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