Sunday, 21 March 2010

Everyone comes ALIVE!!

As the Parish Priest elaborated the most apparent themes that emerge from the Gospel of today, Jesus defending/saving the woman caught in adultery, my mind was recreating the scene with Jesus 'busy' writing something on the ground while all around him every man was baying for the blood of that lady. I visualised that poor woman, standing there surrounded by a crowd of men, not knowing from which side the first stone would come flying. I doubt if at all she was aware of the conversation and debate Jesus was having with those men. She knew there was no escape that day but the fear of waiting to be stoned, would have almost crushed her.

Looking at Jesus, I have my doubts: did He defend the woman (was He on her side) or was He attacking the men (was He on their side, preventing them from committing a crime in total blindness)?? But the solution he gives, saves EVERYONE! All leave the spot, ALIVE! What's more, each one leaves the place better than he or she was when they first reached the place. The woman, happy that she is alive, is given freedom ... not to sin anymore. The men, saved from turning to murderers, go home humbled by an introspection. I have a feeling, there would surely have been men who went on to stone other women caught in adultery... but not from that crowd which dispersed that day.

That's the beauty of Jesus' presence: everyone who comes in contact with Him cannot be the same as before. I now question myself: Can I claim the same about myself? Can I say that those youngsters whom I play with in the evening go home better because I was amidst them? Can the staff with whom I interact day in and day out, feel proud to be associated with me, because I make their lives better? Can those whom I meet on the way or deal with in the market, 'come alive' because they met me?

Lord, help me... as You helped everyone in today's Gospel!

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