Friday, 12 March 2010

Reliance, the unreliable!

I spent the morning visiting a couple of Reliance stores in the city, rather I was sent on a 'golden-goose-chase' by the service personnel at the Reliance stores, whenever I entered to clarify about the wrong bill for the internet connection and related matters. At each place, they fiddled with the computer for sometime, gave me some absurd suggestion or reply and then told me to either go back to the place which directed me there or try another centre! So coooool!! I almost felt like reaching into my bag and pulling out the revolver and with a grin extract money and pay my bill from their pockets. (I know I've been watching too many movies... and I don't have a revolver - not even a toy one!!). Anyhow now I'm back in my office, having made no progress other than trust in some kind-hearted soul to get back to me by tomorrow morning with a revised bill for atleast one connection.


  1. Yes, I Agree.. look this blog.
    it is a blog just about RELIANCE UNRELIABLE...

  2. Well, I seems that you are another cheated Reliance Unreliable customer !! Welcome ! Take a look on my Blog.


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