Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Women on Jesus' last journey

This morning as I partook in the Way of the Cross with the staff of the Provincial house, a thought that struck me was the number of women who accompanied Jesus and had compassion on Him outnumbered the number of men who were with Jesus. I am sure there were more men than women at any given point of the last journey of Jesus from the point of condemnation to the Calvary. Yet only at two stations of the cross we see men 'standing by Jesus': Simon of Cyrene and John the apostle (at the foot of the cross). In a way one could include Pilate too... in a generous inclusion. But see the number of times women come out in support of Jesus: His mother Mary (along the way, at the foot of the cross till his burial), Veronica who breaks the security cordon and wipes Jesus' face, the women of Jerusalem whom Jesus comforts, Mary Magdalene who is believed to be with Mother Mary, all along.

And what triggered this thought?... participating in the way of the cross, there were practically all the lady staff members, in comparison to the just three or four men!! My experience over the years has always confirmed this belief of mine: Women have a stronger and deeper sense of the Divine than men... so too is their faith!

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