Sunday, 7 March 2010

My will be done!

It is a bit strange that I should be writing this, especially on a day when everyone around me is celebrating life. It struck me while at Mass this morning ... why shouldn't I leave a will... a sort of testament as to how I wish to be see off from this earth. So here it is:

When I die, wherever or whatever way that may be, I wish
  • that every useful part of my body be donated to someone who lacks one or is in need of a transplant - every bit of it.
  • that I be buried (anywhere, for I'm not going to get up and ask, "Why here and not in that place?") with just an old bedsheet wrapped about my body. (Why waste clothes and a coffin - another couple of trees will have to be cut for that!!).
  • All my clothes and belongings be distributed among those who will be make the most of it and not preserved for 'posterity' or archives!!
  • that I be remembered as one who lived his life to the full; in sync with God's plan for me!
The rest, if any, as and when something more comes to my mind!

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