Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ministry and preparedness

The more I interact with the Brothers, the more I realise that their 'love' and 'zeal' for ministry is purely for self-affirmation. Not all of them (or most of them) have no other reason to go than just to be there in the village!! I wonder if this will be something they will carry with them even in their later years of life and full-fledged ministry. What irritates me most is that they really have the potential to win the whole world and make a mega contribution to whichever place or people they interact with, but they will not!! Reason: they just do not want to see anything more or anything challenging. Just the basic minimum would do.

I was reflecting on another dimension of this whole process during Mass (to be precise, during the usually long sermon). What exactly are the Brothers passionate about? If I can truly identify that, perhaps I could study it and apply the same logic to other things which they should be passionate about but aren't. Or could I make use of that interest and diversify it to other areas.

As I looked around from where I sat, I glanced at a few Brothers to see if I could picture their field of 'zeal'... Most do shine forth in some area or another, unfortunately a couple of them are just floating around! I am sure they themselves are not clear why they are here in the Seminary.

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