Friday, 27 January 2017

Novena to Don Bosco: Reason for our Existence

Novena to Don Bosco
(Remembering DON BOSCO and the significant people who shaped his life and works) 
Day 7: Youth 
(His Heartbeat) 


“... that part of the human society which is so exposed and yet so rich in promise.” 
(Constitutions of the Society of St Francis De Sales, No. 1) 

I owe you my life. Be sure of it: from now on I will spend it entirely for you. 
Don Bosco's solemn perpetual promise soon after he miraculously recovered, from certain death in 1846... thanks to the fervent prayers and wishes of his 'dirty little rascals'. 
For you I study, for you I work, for you I live, for you I am even ready to give my life. 
Don Bosco's words to his poor boys, those under his care and for whom he was willing to go to any length. 

Don Bosco used to go begging in the city of Turin for the maintenance of his poor boys. At one place, when Don Bosco extended his hand asking for some help for his boys, the man spat on it. "This is for me," Don Bosco said calmly and extending the other hand, said... "Now for my poor boys!" The other person was so touched, that he remained a generous benefactor of Don Bosco all his life.
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