Sunday, 29 January 2017

Novena to Don Bosco: Call to Holiness

Novena to Don Bosco
(Remembering DON BOSCO and the significant people who shaped his life and works)
Day 9: Jesus Christ 
(His Master) 


Don Bosco's whole work for the boys was the result of a personal call from Jesus. God was above all else and the real cause of his initiatives. Don Bosco's sole concern was the welfare of his boys: Da mihi animas, cetera tolle (Give me souls, take away the rest).
Sanctity is easy. 
Don Bosco's often repeated words to his boys 
In Don Bosco, the extraordinary becomes ordinary. 
Words of Pope Pius XI while speaking about the way Don Bosco lived his holiness in the most humble and practical manner. 
Holiness is the best gift we can give to our young people. 
Said by Fr Pascual Chavez, the 9th successor of Don Bosco, in imitation of our founder who not only was saintly himself but made those in contact with him saints, as well. 

While at prayer one time, Don Bosco was interrupted by the visit of a wealthy noble. “Tell him I'll be there soon,” he said, and he continued his prayers. Three times he was called. Finally he went. “My dear Sir,” he said, you are a good friend of mine, but God comes first.
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