Thursday, 26 January 2017

Getting used to

I still remember the first days of my visit to the college, Royal Holloway. I was really enamoured by the buildings (especially the Founders' Wing), the system, the organisation, the different people and style of functioning, the orderliness and the ambiance.  It is now almost four months since I began my trips to the college.  And honestly I can't remember the last time I viewed at the buildings or the structure of the various departments, besides the first week!

We get used to viewing things and not seeing the uniqueness and specialty over a period of time.  It is not like it is taken for granted but, somehow the initial charm, the 'wow' feeling slowly disappears.  So much so, perhaps if it were not to be tomorrow, if it were to somehow disappear, I know not if I'd feel its absence or miss something truly beautiful.

I guess it is partly because I fail to see the intricacies of this grand structure.  I've somehow subsumed all of its grandeur as if in the first look.  There is nothing more to know, nothing more to explore, nothing more amazing that can be found... that's my presumption.  And I'm contended with that.  That in a way takes the spark out life.  What has not changed is not the building or the structure, but me.  I've stagnated, while the building and the surroundings keep diversifying. However, the vice-versa of this phenomenon is what should happen.   

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