Monday, 2 January 2017


Only now do I really understand why the issue of homelessness is a big problem in the West.  While in India, it really did not occur to me. Living here, in the UK, especially this winter season, I realize how necessary it is to have a place to stay.  Not just stay but have some heating measures inside the house.  At times the temperature is freezing outside.  Often there is such an amount of fog and frost that while on the road one can hardly see any further than few feet.  In the mornings there is such a thick and hard, really hard coat of ice on the vehicles. It is highly unlikely that one will survive in such a cold, leave alone for a night, just a few hours is enough to freeze anything!

Fortunately I haven't see anyone so desperately off here in Chertsey, but I remember seeing a few people on the road while I was in Battersea (London city). They have some warm clothing but that's it.

No wonder, when people say, never belittle someone's woes without really knowing their context.  

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