Sunday, 15 January 2017

Driving in snow

Two days ago, there was a slight snow fall here in the place where I live. Though there was a forecast warning us of heavy snowfall, there was only a slight fall.  What was great was that I had to drive back home from the University in the snow.  That was something.  Of course, it wasn't heavy or thick.  But all the same it was something different.

Of course, people here do not like snow at all. It throws things totally out of gear, they say.  Everything, even simple thing as walking outdoors, become very risky - leave alone driving.  Morning frost is bad enough but when it snows, and it hardens overnight, it is very hard and slippery.  People are frightened not of the physical injury caused due to the fall but due to the legal repercussions if someone sues them.  The Parish priest is deadly frightened of someone suing him if they fall in the parish church!!  That too not inside the church but outside, on the drive or the steps.  

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