Sunday, 1 January 2017

At the manger

While at Mass today, it struck me that at the Manger you have the richest (3 kings) and the poorest (shepherds) under one roof - if that manger did have one! Bringing them together was this child, Jesus.

Secondly, the kings had brought in gifts. The shepherds didn't. Know not what to make of it. But I guess, the shepherds were not really prepared to what they were witnessing.  The kings on the other hand, were informed early and had come prepared with gifts, having made a long journey.

Perhaps the simplest lesson to draw from this scene: Everyone is invited/welcome into His presence! 

1 comment:

  1. We don't know what the shepherds gave. Might not have been grand. A sheep's fleece perhaps. Some bread. Or music, like in the drummer boy's song. But I think they would certainly have given something especially if they saw him in the manger. If he were in a better house and conditions, they might not have felt the need, and would have felt embarrassed to offer small things.

    So to extend your thought, everyone is invited and everyone can contribute anything they have. Each offering is worthy and welcome.


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