Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Course on Human Rights

Yesterday we commenced a new course on Human Rights. Interestingly, there are more students in this than any other course (approx. 20).  What surprised me first, while still doing the preliminary reading for the lecture, was the fact that studies and research on HR is relatively new.  Not much is done on this aspect of life.  Coming from a context where I did hear much about and to some extent been a participatory witness to the HR movement, I thought there was much established text about the topic.

Another queer thing about what I read was the situating of HR in political studies.  Granted the fact that I was taking this course as a student of philosophy, I thought this was a topic very much for discussion in the philosophical circles. But I was wrong.  HR is still a theme of political interest.  Associated with it is the strange dilemma of scholars to agree upon a ground for HR.  While some cite dignity, others need, some natural law and some say human nature. I always took it for granted that HR can only be based on humanity!

Last of all, found a couple of students from the information and security system taking this course.  Really?  If this were a one hour seminar or even a one day workshop, I'd understand. But a full-fledged course running the length of the term and that too as part of IT?

All said and done, I have a gut feeling this course is going to be interesting. 

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