Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Responsible excuse

Most of us who have traveled in India by train know that it is no big surprise when trains run late. Very often, whenever there is a delay, the announcement one gets to hear (if at all there is one) is that the train has been delayed.  Sometimes, there is also the duration of delay announced, but everyone hearing that knows all too well that the duration is much more than the one announced.

However, one thing I've observed here in UK while waiting for trains (which hardly run late). On the few occasions that I've traveled and there is a delay in the regular local trains, there is an announcement to that effect. Not only does it include the exact - and very exact - duration of delay, the revised time of arrival, but also the reason for the delay!

Now that's a step towards owning responsibility for one's deeds.
The London South-West train service that I use most often

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