Saturday, 21 January 2017

Human Rights vs UDHR

To treat human rights as a list is to actually debase humanity and to the same extent the very foundation (whether it be dignity or need or human nature) which the list or human rights is said to have. At the most one can cite the list as a confirmation or political endorsement of the reality of human rights. Eg. The statement 'Water boils at 100c' is but a representation, an expression of the reality of water, and that statement can never substitute the fact of water boiling at 100c. What UDHR, or the ECHR or any other convention that has drawn up a set of points, has done is to capture the expression of something basic about human nature, often in times when that expression has failed to become visible or is totally absent. The UDHR is basically a mirror reminding us of our humanity; what is worth discussing and deliberating upon is not the mirror but the reality of humanity.

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