Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Hazard perception with an Indian scenario

While taking my driving theory test, there is a section called the 'Hazard perception test'.  Herein about 14 video clips are screened from an everyday road/traffic life in UK. One is supposed to click the mouse at the first sign of any developing hazard.  The earlier you identify and click the more marks you get.  Except for one clip, each clip has one developing traffic hazard. Now there are other things happening along the video clip, which do not develop into a traffic hazard.

Keeping my eyes on the 'road' one mischievous thought flashed across my mind: what if a Brit is taking a 'hazard perception test' with an Indian road scenario?  Wow! All I could think of was, the person would never dare take his finger off the mouse.  He would click the mouse a hundred times in every second!
Hyderabad traffic!

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