Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Switching streams

Chatting with the other students after the Human Rights lecture yesterday, I came to know that most of them had changed their course or stream of studies. Some had done literature for their graduation, but were now getting a Masters in management or information technology and cyber security.  Some had graduated in law but now pursuing philosophy.  Some started with maths but were now interested in politics.  I found that a bit weird, mainly because after studying for three full years how does one just give it all up for a totally different branch of study?  But I suppose each one has his or her reasons.

It may be because of career options or could be that they are trying out some new concoctions. Given the wide and multi-faceted educational structure of the place, they could very well be trying to merge two different, hitherto unrelated streams of study, researching some common feature that intrigues them.

Perhaps, I'll ask them directly... in due time.

One of them, on knowing that we were a couple of us studying philosophy, expressed her "awe"... "Oh, so cool!  You really must be having a very enjoyable time reading all that stuff!"  I smiled and replied, "The grass is always greener on the other side!" 

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