Friday, 27 January 2017

No common elixir

I heard of this psychologist who was divorced and his kid living with his ex-wife. At first I found it strange that a person who helped other people put themselves and their lives in order, could not save his own marriage, prevent his own life from being a harmonious one.  From all that I knew about this person, he was a rather competent and well known person, appreciated for his insights and professional style of carrying out his work. So how?

This morning it struck me, why not?  How come I reached the conclusion that just because he helps others with their problems implies that he does not have problems?  Just because someone is a doctor does not mean that he cannot have ailments.  Just because someone is a priest does not mean that he has no crisis of faith?

Perhaps my presumption that one who assists others, is also capable of sorting out his own issues.  May be true but one never really knows what kinds of problems the other is facing.  No one knows the cliffs and valleys the other person is forced to navigate.

And that in a sense furthers our need. our interdependence on one another.

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