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Novena to Don Bosco: Hard Work

Novena to Don Bosco
(Remembering DON BOSCO and the significant people who shaped his life and works)

Day 5: Fr Michael Rua 
(The first successor of Don Bosco) 


Fr Michael Rua who joined Don Bosco as a small boy, later became a Salesian Priest and was appointed the Rector Major after the death of Don Bosco. He was made Rector of the minor Seminary at Mirabello, the first Salesian house after Turin (Rome), when he was just just 26 years old. Such was the confidence that Don Bosco had in Rua, his 'Chief Collaborator' for 36 years.

When he died, on April 6, 1910, at the age of 73, the Salesian Congregation had grown from 773 Salesians to 4,000, from 57 houses to 345, from 6 Provinces to 34, in 33 countries.
You and I will always go halves in everything. 
The words of Don Bosco to Michael Rua, as he took his hand and made a gesture of dividing his hand, when he did not have a medal to give him. He was a little boy of 8 when he attended the Oratory of Don Bosco for the first time, along with his elder brother, in September 1845. 
There is only one who could deserve the accolade of martyr of work: Fr Rua. 
Words of Don Bosco himself in August 1876, when asked if it was true that some Salesians died of overwork. 

Don Rua was called the 'living rule' for his austere fidelity and practice of the rules of the community, and at the same time he was also known as the 'king of kindness' for the fatherliness he displayed.
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