Sunday, 29 January 2017

Of nightfall and sleep

Here in UK, these days, by 4 pm it is already dark. And being a small town, all trade and business outlets close by 5 or 6 pm.  The only ones open till 9 or so are the restaurants.  But for those of us indoors, it hardly makes any difference.  I was trying to imagine the kind of life people lived prior to the invention of the electrical bulb.  It must have been a very strictly regimented one, that too by the sun.  With sunset practically all activity would cease.  I'm sure people were up early too, with the sunrise.  That certainly makes the invention of the bulb a significant turn in the evolutionary history of mankind.

Personally, I've never really managed to discipline myself in this regard.  I've now so grown used to hitting bed late that if I by chance go to bed anything earlier than 9 pm, I tend to stay awake longer than if I were to go to bed later!  Sometime I envy people who sleep much less than I do - and still go about their work very efficiently.  But if their regular schedule is disturbed, then they get mighty pissed off.  I'm blessed with a good sleep - always, anytime, anywhere!  Sound, light, travel, practically nothing disturbs me.  For that, I'm grateful. So I really wouldn't want to exchange places with anyone else in this regard... or for that matter, any regard!

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