Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Passed... driving theory!

I took my driving theory test today at Staines.  Good news: Passed! Can't say with flying colours but just fine.  Scored 46/50 in the multiple choice section and 54/75 for the hazard perception test.  The cut out marks were 43 and 44 respectively.

Had practiced for this in the past couple of days with the help of Toptests. Fairly good site because it offers the learner a very interactive way of learning, besides offering a short rationale for each question/answer.

However, at times the questions are very tricky. Like the one that I spent most amount of time for today:
You are the first to arrive at a scene where a motorcyclist is lying unconscious on the road. What should you do? 
Options offered

  1. Move him off the road
  2. Take off his helmet
  3. Call medical services
  4. Take off his jacket 

Now, left to me it is evidently moving him off the road. But there is another law which states that those involved in accident should not be moved, for risk of further damage!  Now which of these should I tick?

While on my way back, was trying to recollect the theory test for my Indian driving license that I took way back in India in 2008.  If I am not mistaken it had only 10 questions and was for about 10 minutes.  The guy beside my cubicle was getting it all wrong and so one of the attenders there told him to move on, as he would click the answers for him!!  Whatever you say, driving on Indian roads is an art, a skill!

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