Thursday, 26 January 2017

Novena to Don Bosco: Generosity

Novena to Don Bosco
(Remembering DON BOSCO and the significant people who shaped his life and works) 

Day 6: Benefactors 
(The bloodline of the Oratory) 


Don Bosco, ever remained grateful to all those who contributed to his vast and noble work for the poor boys and the Church. He would personally take care to correspond, wish and pray for his benefactors. There were from all walks of life: kings, ministers, businessmen, farmers, past-pupils, friends, and even his own boys.

His own mother, Mamma Margaret and the mothers of some Salesians, generously offered their time, talent, energy and resources for the oratory.
They are the long hands of God Himself. 
That's the title he would give to his benefactors – all those who contributed generously, in whatever way they could towards the mission of Don Bosco. 
If we have nothing, we can give nothing; but if we have a little, let's give a little. If we have much, let's give accordingly. In all cases, let charity be our guide, for ultimately it will be to our advantage. 
Words of Don Bosco while giving some monetary help to those who came to him, while he himself had nothing much in his account.
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