Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Life in the UK

Last week I realized that it is already three months since I landed in the UK.  Wouldn't say that time has really flown by. However, have learnt much during these three months, I would say.

Have certainly got used to the place, atleast the house and the University.  I now can understand all that Brits or Scots or the Irish, for that matter, speak. And to some extent can now recognize a Scottish accent (but I dare not make any claims).  At times find myself also talking the 'English lingo' like 'half eight' instead of 'eight thirty' while referring to time.

The climate as such hasn't been bad.  It's cold but nothing like what people frightened me about, prior to take off!

Almost stopped looking for cockroaches and lizards in the bathroom.  Got used to the luxury of life, without mosquitoes! 

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